Ruby O. Fee by Moritz Fuchs by Moritz Fuchs


Ruby O. Fee shot by Moritz Fuchs

Berlin / 2017

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Ruby O.Fee by Moritz Fuchs

One week ago I met again with german actress Ruby O.Fee for our third shooting. Again it was a pleasure to work with her. I did my best to capture her beauty but it's up to you to decide if I did a good job.

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Jenny by Moritz Fuchs

Last weekend I met with Jenny for a short session in the studio. We only had one hour but achieved some great results.

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Viviane by Moritz Fuchs

little series I shot at the end of an editorial shoot with beautiful Viviane Marissa from Amsterdam. We only had ten minutes but the results are awesome and by her looks you can tell we had fun shooting.

Thanks Viviane 

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